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Working from your photographs, the web, or my own library, I can do a painting for you, your client, your sponsors, or as a special gift. Your painting can be done in my studio or “live” at your event and at any conceivable size. And don’t worry, the finished product can be easily packed up and shipped anywhere in the world! Check out my gallery to see my different “looks”. Choose from brush or palette knife, bold colors or subdued…you tell me what you like!

Keep in mind that once the painting is completed, I can produce limited edition prints to help leverage your investment. Prints are great gift ideas for sponsors, friends, teammates, etc. They also make a great souvenir for guests at your event.

My work is mostly, but not exclusively, about speed and motion. I look forward to accepting any challenge! Weddings, backyard parties, community functions, corporate meetings…I’ve done them all!

After we discuss size and price I can do a sketch or two for you to approve before I start. My typical commission is 48” X 36” and costs $4500.00 (plus travel if it’s at your event).

Commissions Inquiry

Thanks for submitting!

After we agree on size/image/schedule I collect 50% when I start, the remaining 50% when I’m done. If requested I can send you a picture of the finished piece for your approval before I charge and ship.

Prices do not include shipping.

The Art of Speed, the Speed of Art

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