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Original Car Wall Art Makes Your Space Unique

There's no need to settle for boring, mass-produced posters to get car wall art. Car pictures drawn by professional artists are much more unique, and have a level of character that you can't find in a big-box store. Just as importantly, you can buy the original artwork from an artist with a name, as opposed to the usual unsigned images for sale in mass-market stores.
Automotive art, like any other style, carries a premium when you buy an original. This is because originals are, by definition, the most unique forms of paintings. Anything made from an original is merely a copy.
Despite the fact that prints are copies, many people buy them because they don't want to invest the full amount that would be required to get originals. In this case, skilled artists ensure that the value stays healthy by limiting the number of authorized prints. The limited-edition prints then occupy the market space between originals and mass-produced copies.
Years ago, automotive art prints were printed onto canvas or even special cardboard. Now, advances in printing abilities allow for far more options. One artist, Bill Patterson, prefers to print onto aluminum. This allows the pictures to be displayed without any glass and makes them easy to clean. Purchasers are therefore able to show the pictures with no fear of dust, and the lack of glass allows all of the details to be easily seen.
Upscale artists do something else that you won't see with mass-market car wall art: They hand-sign the prints as well as the originals. This is possible because each print run is limited. Hand-signing would be impractical or even impossible with a run of thousands or more. Bill Patterson is proud to hand-sign all of his prints.
The images used in Bill Patterson's car wall art don't just come from his head. He attends car races live, and captures some of the most exciting moments. Because of this, there is a true sense of excitement and speed in his work that is often lacking from those who just draw based on still pictures. This also makes it so that several different cars, tracks, and races are represented by his portfolio and current selection. It's easy to choose a painting that matches your specific racing interest.
As you can see, car art isn't just for posters meant for kid's rooms. These professionally-created paintings are great for an adult racing fan's den, rec room, or even the living room. You'll be proud to show them to all of your visitors, and you'll love the feeling of excitement you get every time you look at them.

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