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I have done well over 100 “live” performance paintings over the years for corporate entertainment, parties and celebrations but am especially proud to have helped raise well over one million dollars for my clients charities through the auctioning of my paintings. Some of the most recognizable names in the entertainment and racing world have picked up a brush and signed my work in paint right then and there at the event! Others have added a few strokes of paint to the image itself, though with a little direction! Both make for a fun showstopper and a memorable and unique finished piece. Talk about hanging a story on your wall!

Although the average auction price is typically around $15,000, a “great night” at a charity event is a sale price of $40,000 or more. And when one or two other bidders in the crowd decide they’ll match that amount (for further commissions to be done by me later), well that’s a really great night! $120,000 in one evening can feel pretty good!

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So, in the case of charity events, please accept my input. I have valuable experience as to the “where/when/how” in order to help you secure the highest bids possible.

A very fun feature is to have notable personalities add a few strokes of paint (with a little direction), and/or sign the painting with a brush, this also tends to raise the value of the piece!

Finally, I supply everything I need to do the painting with the exception of lighting (very important!), and a small table for my brushes.

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