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Shipping & Returns

Prints ship via USPS Priority Mail (unless requested otherwise), and are, of course, guaranteed to arrive safely. They come in tissue, inside a 4” diam. cardboard tube with plugs, inside a cardboard box.

Originals up to 48”X36” come wrapped in plenty of cardboard, I’ve never has an issue, via FedEx. I will send 3-day or faster only. Ground shipping exposes the work to more weather and potential damage than necessary.

In the case of large pieces shipped via FedEx or UPS I only charge you for my actual costs. I pack at no additional charge…which I hate, but I’m the best packer I know and wouldn’t trust anyone but me, with very few exceptions (I’m lookin’ at you Kevin and Ray)!

Larger originals will be stripped off the stretcher bars and shipped rolled in a tube. Shipping in a tube is by far the safest and cheapest way to go. Acrylic on canvas stays flexible for a long time unless it is very cold. If requested, I will be happy to get on the phone and find a shop near you that can re-stretch for you at your expense. For reference I can usually get a 60” X 42” original re-stretched on your end for $150 to $350. Usually these shops will be happy to work with you on a frame. Let them/me know if you want it framed, as that may change the way they stretch.

I accept returns for whatever reason, except if damaged on your end, or for custom print sizes and commissions. I do not pay return shipping or original FedE x/UPS costs in the case of an original or large giclée.

Refund Policy:
Refunds are allowed for any items damaged in transit. Original commissions and canvas gicleés cannot be returned or exchanged, except for minor revisions or if items are damaged in transit.
Overseas customers will be responsible for return AND re-shipping charges for returns for revisions, although this has never been necessary.

Shipping policy:
Originals and Prints are typically shipped within a week.
On occasion, especially after a major event, shipping may be delayed because of high volume and/or travel requirements. Originals may take more time than anticipated. Customers are welcome to make contact at any time to inquire as to ship dates.

Domestic Shipping:
Prints are sent in a tube, which is in a box, shipped by USPS Priority Mail. If FedEx or UPS is requested customers may incur a small added charge. Originals will be shipped via Fedex.

Foreign Shipping:
International shipping of prints and originals will be charged at cost, via the customer’s preferred carrier. FYI I have found FedEx dependable so far and I get a small discount with them. US Mail seems to work fine for prints.

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