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You Don't Have to Hold a Carnival to Hire an Event Artist

Many people first see event artists at carnivals, but this is just a limited view of their abilities, price ranges, and venues. In fact, the best artists do not appear at carnival events. Instead, they are strongly associated with charity auctions, sporting events, and other higher-tier gatherings. This is because top-tier artists aren't interested in selling their works at throwaway prices. Instead, they want their works to be cherished and kept on display for years to come.
One place you can find an event artist near me may surprise you: He is often at a racetrack. There, he draws race-related paintings on the spot. When he attends a race, it is more exciting because of the ability to see real artwork created in real-time, and even better, with high quality. The paintings are then sold for respectable prices.
Sometimes, a charity event will combine a race with event artist services to give donors more ways to give money. Tickets to the race result in donations to the charity, and then there is an auction for the paintings. The event artist near me loves these events because they can result in serious fundraising for the beneficiary, and therefore, more help for the people served by the charity.
To book an event artist, you may need to pay for travel and lodging as well as the artist's main services. Therefore, it is definitely an investment. However, if you run a charity or other organization that can draw upscale art patrons, it can be well worth it. It will make your event more memorable and exciting, bring in more money for your fundraisers, and help to ensure that plenty of people want to come to your future events.

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