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Spice Up Your Next Auto Race with a Live Event Artist

Tracks all over the United States host racing events on a regular basis. This allows drivers to test their mettle on the track without having to break into a big circuit like Indy or NASCAR, and it gives fans the chance to enjoy the excitement of auto racing even if they don't have time to take a trip to one of the more-famous events.
Despite the natural excitement of a race, it's even better if there are more attractions present. This helps to draw in those who aren't ardent racing fans and brings more excitement to those who are. When these extra events have a racing or automobile theme, it's even better. Then, excitement from each aspect of the event builds on the others to create a truly unforgettable day.
Live art is one of the most exciting things to add to any event. A live event artist has the skill to capture the excitement and overall feel of an event as well as its key moments. Onlookers think it is fascinating and fun to watch live painting in progress, too, since most people never get to see a truly skilled artist at work in person.
Once the live art is created, it is signed so that it has the full value associated with the artist. Then, it can be kept by the event host or venue, sold on the spot, or auctioned off for a charity segment. This quick transfer of possession keeps up the momentum for the live painting portion of the event. It also ensures that the artist has space to do more paintings if called for.
For charity events, a live event artist can bring plenty of unexpected benefits to the table. One with a lot of prior experience can provide tips for getting better prices at auction, allow local (or national) celebrities to paint a few strokes (with guidance, so the end result still looks great), and even let celebrities cosign the artworks. This increases the value of the paintings in the eyes of auction attendees and fans of the co-signing celebrity, thereby increasing interest from people who otherwise might not be convinced to make a high bid.
As you might expect, there is an investment involved in hiring a true professional artist to come to your event and draw things on the spot. Along with the artist's usual fees, you'll likely need to pay for transportation and lodging. However, it is well worth it for the increased excitement, and for charities, the chance to auction off high-quality paintings to raise funds.

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