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What Makes Top-Tier Motorsport Art Better?

Since you can get pictures and posters of races in many stores for cheap prices, you may wonder why you should go ahead and pay for pieces done by upscale artists instead. It turns out that there are several reasons beyond the chance to get paintings that aren't on 10,000 other walls. Though that, itself, is one of the reasons, it's just the start.

  • Professional motorsport paintings are drawn starting at actual events. A professional artist typically attends an event and draws a picture based on a key moment of the experience. Meanwhile, someone who is only going to make posters usually works from a photograph. This makes it so that the better artist gets a sense of excitement and speed, and can transfer it to the painting.

  • Mass-produced paper motorsport posters don't last very long. Even if put behind glass, a poster from a big-box store will typically yellow quickly – sometimes in mere months. This is because they aren't made to last. They don't use materials that can stand up to oxygen and light, which are two elements that are always present for artwork in a typical home display. Meanwhile, an upscale artist will put his prints on something durable, like aluminum, and use materials that are meant to last for many years even in non-museum conditions.

  • Top-tier artists don't allow the market to become saturated with copies. Instead, when prints are made, the run is very short. In fact, it's short enough for the artist to be able to hand-sign all of the copies. This ensures that each print will retain its value, and the signing means that this value will be on the high side. Meanwhile, mass-market posters are nearly or even entirely worthless in the aftermarket thanks to their total lack of rarity.

  • You can buy the original from a high-end artist. Top-tier artists don't just sell prints and put the originals in a dusty drawer of a mass-manufacturer's supplier. Instead, the originals are the most valuable pieces of everything they produce. These are signed, and there is always only one of them. This is why, in the art world, a signed original carries a much higher price than even a limited-run print. Uniqueness is king when it comes to any sort of collectible.

As you can see, uniqueness in art isn't just something good for impressing onlookers. It brings more monetary value, as well as a much stronger connection with the artist and his creation. By sticking to artists who only make originals and limited-edition prints, you can be sure that you won't be seeing the same image on motorsport posters in your local store, too.

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