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Race Car Wall Art Isn't Just for Kids

There was a time when people were expected to give up everything fun once they got to a certain age. However, Generation X and younger have refused to buy into that old way of thinking. These people have seen that people who give up fun things don't get "more mature." Instead, they just get old and boring.
In modern times, people don't feel the need to give up their old favorite things. Instead, they bring them to the "adult" level by getting better and more upscale versions of them. This is easily visible in race car wall art.
As a child, racing art typically comes in the form of inexpensive posters that are taped to bedroom doors. Adults realize that these posters, while fun to look at, really aren't anything special. They're mass-produced, so they're too common to ever be worth more than their original, low values. They are also made on inexpensive paper, so they're unlikely to last the test of time. As adults, people want to get race car art that doesn't have these pitfalls. They also want it to be suitable for display in the best parts of the house.
The solution to this is to get race car wall art that is made by a professional painter and only released in limited runs. This art can even be purchased as originals, and as we know, there is only one true original of any artistic work. When prints are also sold, they are kept to small numbers so that their value is not diluted. The prints are also put onto durable materials so that they do not become "shopworn" just by being on display.
One artist, Bill Patterson, prefers to put his prints on aluminum. This eliminates the need for glass, which would obscure the view and hide the details. It also ensures that it will not be degraded just by the passing of a little bit of time, unlike prints that are made using paper or canvas. Finally, the use of metal is fitting for the motif of racing art.
Bill Patterson's race car art also goes far beyond the images usually seen in children's car-related images. He draws the originals right at the track during actual events, capturing the feelings of excitement and speed that accompany a race. The result is much different from the usual static-looking drawings and photographs of cars sold at mass-marketers. This, too, speaks to adults' need to keep their old interests while seeking far more depth and quality for their decor. To see some of Bill Patterson's current works, just visit his site.

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